i have hoarding tendencies. it is in my genes.  i bought this over thanksgiving weekend...

it's an eggplant jar.. and it cracked on the way back to michigan :(

photo from here


we came from nice, cool, sunny california to cold, windy, and snowy michigan.

as much as i enjoy living in michigan, i sure do miss california...


brother sister

did everyone have a wonderful thanksgiving? we had a pretty relaxing trip (minus the 13hr trek from mp to sf) to berkeley.  i just wanted to share this photo of caroline and adam napping after thanksgiving dinner. awhh.
off to work on final projects. wish me luck.


holy hotness

joanna hillman's wedding
wedding love! maybe my next wedding.. ;)

from here


four days

.. four pairs of shoes. i need to stop doing this...
i hope everyone has a magical thanksgiving weekend!

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can i tell you about last night? (i should be working on my final projects but maritime is playing in the background so i'm gonna talk about it)

anyway, a few weeks ago, adam emailed me about maritime playing at this local (like a two minute walk) bar.  i don't believe that maritime would play in mount pleasant so i look it up.  maritime of the promise ring/cap and jazz/dismerberment plan was playing mount pleasant. omigod!

i don't know if i was in a bad place at the time but promise ring's wood water album was soo good. there are only a handful of albums i will continuously listen to.  todd calvert recommended maritime to me in 2005? we, the vehicles became one of my favorite albums of the year.  adam and i started dating and i gave him a maritime cd.

so last night adam watched a really tense/exciting usc v. oregon game.  we get to rubbles at 11:30pm. we head to the bar and adam buys me a pbr on tap, and a christmas ale for him. adam points out the lead singer of maritime is standing near us. he looks like a normal midwestern person.. so i don't believe him until adam points out that he is on all the posters. duh.

adam tells me to go talk to him. i say you do it. he says i am a girl, it's easier. i ask davey "can we buy you a beer?" he declines but he talks to us. like for a long time.  he loves college football (i think adam's eyes light up).. but he calls Lane Kiffen a virus (usc coach). ahha

anyway show was so awesome, we danced, they played their old stuff and later i talked to the other guys in the band and asked them to play LA and come back to MP. okay the end. :)


eye twitch

i haven't been sleeping very well the past week. i've been in the computer lab and library practically every night working on projects and studying for tests. today my eye started twitching like crazy.

am i mean to post this thom yorke tutorial with my eye twitch post?

i love this graphic. when will i see radiohead live again?



no presents

i don't want any presents this year. i'm happy for my health, the husband, and two A's this semester.

two A's. that is all i am asking for...

post edit okay i said i didn't want anything but these jcrew saturday pant might be a lovely...

buy them here

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fur cape

okay, so we went to the antique mall today and i found this beauty. a fur cape. adam vetoed it since i probably won't wear it. hello, doesn't everyone need a little fur in their lives?
i mean this doofus wants this mink fur (no joke). he looks like a pimp/bear.
seriously, someone please tell me i should go and buy it.. $45 is a steal, right?


when i grow up, i want to be a stylist.

seth smoot via destinedtodesign


offerman woodshop

Do you watch Parks and Recreation? we watch it pretty religiously here. Adam's favorite character is Ron Swanson. huge fan of breakfast meats.

Adam was super excited when we saw Nick Offerman at a restaurant in Oklahoma City. He was eating dinner next to us with his wife Megan Mullaly (who went to the same prep school as Adam). I think Adam wishes he were more like nick offerman. tough and outdoorsy.

nick offerman has a woodshop. he sells things online. i kind of want to buy adam the mustache comb but i feel $75 might be too steep for a joke gift...

his site is here amazing!


end of the semester

why is it when you began to enjoy your classes, it comes to an end?

i'm busy with schoolwork but my brain is not functioning at all..

i have a presentation tomorrow (you know how bad i am at public speaking..) and my logo for a project due tuesday is still in progress (or more like not in progress)..... argh. we have only three weeks of class left. i think i am going to fail....

source unknown (i'm sorry).



Remember writing papers? I feel like this semester I have been writing a ton (for art classes!). 

I am currently working on a little power point presentation on Barbara Kruger for class.  I need a measely two pages and I have one paragraph total.  Can you believe that one of my sources is a W magazine with Kim Kardashian on the cover?

Totally off subject, but I feel bad for her husband Kris.  From watching parts of the show, he seemed like a nice guy.. but I guess that's what you get for marrying a reality star.  Kim K is on her way out.. People are starting to realize it's all for show. Who watches the Kardashian's and why are they so rich?




adam xmas 2011

i don't know what to get adam this year. old-fashion glasses? socks?
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