All week I have been cleaning and organizing the house in anticipation of our very first visitor!
Caroline is coming to visit us from New York.  I am super excited!

I was hoping to to visit some wineries in Traverse City while she is here but I don't think Adam likes my suggestion.  It is a two hour drive from Mount Pleasant. Oh well, next time.

photo unknown



is pretty intense. i am getting a neckache. adam is so focused he can't finish his dinner.


covet bensimon shoes

need to work on a "frottage" assignment for class but i can't think of anything so instead, i am thinking of spring. it's snowing in mount pleasant now and it's cold.....

what do you think of these shoes?


the hangover

we watched hangover for the first time tonight. it was pretty funny. adam made chili. soo good.

have you seen this movie? adam and i think that stu's uptight/bossygirlfriend remind's us of me. haha.

adam's yummy chili



i thought maybe adam would not want to see avatar. i hate sci-fi.. we are seeing this tonight (bleh). but then again he did see those movies with me last week..


move to new york

do you remember my friend hiro? well, i went to his facebook page and he made comment's about new york being cold.. i called him a few days ago and he told me moved to forest hills with his girlfriend in december! lucky!

i told adam because i am super jealous. i wonder what life would of been like if we made that decision ten years ago? it would of been a very different life for us, huh?

adam said that new york is not that great. i'm going to believe him. haha.



we subscribe to the new york times. the coverage on haiti is so heartbreaking and shocking.

adam and I both donated to www.doctorswithoutborders.com



tandoori chicken
this is a close up. adam grated potato's for the hash browns. so much better than the frozen stuff.. plus it is also very easy to make!
turkey burger again
whole wheat pancakes
martini's! well mine is a gin and tonic in a martini glass.


sent a package to adam's sister today. she's been addicted to 24 lately and i sent season's 4-6 (adam is so over 24)

do you like the craft portion of the package? i made them from a security envelope.



we've been buying a lot of herbs for cooking... so maybe this....
my current most coveted item.. a fancy espresso machine..

adam wants

adam wants this fancy pepper grinder for a gift from me. valentine's gift?



i'm taking a few classes starting tomorrow. did you have anxiety going back to school? the kids in my class are going to be at the max 12 year's my junior. how scary is that? i don't think i can go to sleep tonight..



1. read a book a week (started and finished animal farm today)

2. don't binge eat chocolates and/or cookies (i had one piece of la maison du chocolat yesterday, plus a piece of coffeecake- it's going bad!)

3. try new recipes ( i can only make turkey burgers and meatsauce)

do these count as resolutions?


la maison du chocolat

picked up my favorite chocolate's while in new york. we mailed a box to my mom too. she was very happy.



i got to visit so many museum's in 2009. i am a lucky girl. here are a few pic's from museum's in new york (ps1, moma, and the guggenheim).


@chicago o'hare

this is our ninth airport in two weeks. i'm getting good at running to a connection. i miss direct flights..
saginaw/midland airport

detroit airport

miami airport

dallas ft worth


la guardia






omigod, it is sooo cold in new york. michigan doesn't feel that cold, maybe because of the building's and wind (in nyc)? it might also be that we left michigan before it got super cold. michigan is about twenty degree's cooler than here but i have never experienced this kind of coldness. i seriously want to jump off a bridge.
this is an image of my soon to be new jacket
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