flight is going to suck so bad.

because of snowstorm Draco American Airlines canceled our flight. turns out draco did nothing.

now we are booked for a 6pm flight out of grand rapids

we have a two hour drive to the airport
flight from grand rapids to dallas,
dallas to los angeles (arrive after midnight, our time 3am)
wait for baggage, shuttle, check in a hotel
shuttle, back to the airport at 8am, re check in
LA > Puerto Vallarta arrive 4pm?

that's fucking 24 hours of traveling.


the moon

can you believe the semester is almost over?

i am currently obsessed with the moon, stars and space.  while doing research for my final painting, i learned something new.  did you know the crater side is the side we (earthlings) never see?  it is also the side that meteors hit so that is why it is so bumpy (with craters).  insteresting, huh?
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