these barista/patron's from the "cuties and coffee" article by refinery29 remind me of adam (check, beard, messy 'do)
adam has been having dreams about the wedding every night. my poor adam. haha. i'm over it. haven't really thought of it since my stressed-out period a few weeks ago.  heather said, "there is going to be a wedding even if you don't have a program, etc." at this point, my mantra is who cares. ha. not a good thing from a bride..



spring is here. or so they tell me.
i bought japanese toast at the japanese market in detroit. yeah, i stopped doing lent. i have to for toast.
i'm buying fresh flowers because it makes me feel a little better that warmer days are ahead of me.
daffodils. they smell good..
 we went shopping, i asked if he needed any honeymoon/travel-wear. he took it seriously and bought all this from jcrew...
this is what mount pleasant looks like. is this spring to you?



i'm staying up way past my bedtime (12:45am) to bid on the bridesmaid dress. i'm talking to my brother who used to buy things online for advice. i told him they were for bridesmaids dresses and am i being cheap?

brother:you are only bidding on one dress?
me: yeni is doing her own, i have to buy inez at jcrew and this one is for mavis
brother: them old friends, any new ones?
it made me a little sad that i don't know how to make friends anymore but it's different when you are a grown-up. you make couple friends and they don't really, really become good girlfriends.. maybe it's just me. it feels like a set?

anyways. i like the few friends i have left. maybe i'll keep them.  it is hard being a grown-up.


the baguette

one of my favorites things in france was seeing people, young, old, children walking with baguette in hand to take home to dinner. i did it a few times just because. i also brought home a baguette from a famous boulangerie. i love the french baguette. crisp on the outside and warm in the inside.
for lent, my brother and his girlfriend are giving up carbs. i decided to give up bread. i used to eat bagels and english muffins maybe twice a day? i'll still eat rice, oatmeal, pancakes but no bread. i'm hoping to stay away from it until may. brides diet?



adam and i are both sick. we had big plans this weekend. we were going to take a 2 hour drive to troy to buy our wedding rings. dun dun duun.  we pushed back our plans to next week?  adam is a little happy, he has a ton of work to grade.

i'm a little happy too. i would rather be 100% to do some shopping. i want a mouse for my laptop.

post edit: i am sooo glad we decided to stay in this weekend. two days in bed/on couch i am still miserable.  it is my first time being sick in mount pleasant. i finished off two boxes of tissues. i have to go to class tomorrow. feeling awful...


funny story

you know i am struggling with the typography class this semester. this class makes me feel like i shouldn't be pursuing graphic design. my teacher is a little vague when it comes to instruction. i know this is supposed to be an upper level class. a lot of times i feel very discouraged. i should try harder because this was the same problem that stops me from doing many things. 

okay, back to my funny story. we went to go see the yes men at the university. my teacher introduces the yes men. he did a little bit and adam liked him. teacher brought his young son and i thought he was so cute (looks about 10). the girls in my class also agreed.

anyway, today i went to the market for groceries and at the house across the street (diagonally) i see my teacher's son playing catch with someone. then he trades sides and i see my teacher. my teacher is my neighbor. weird. 
a few weeks ago i wrote about the weird car crash. that is his house. he said the car accident happened twice in a few years.


japanese earthquake tsunami relief

The images online are breaking my heart.  I keep on seeing this image in my head of a group of rescuers finding a little boy dead. My brother is two hundred miles away from the nuclear reactors.  The city that I was born in is a fault.  They just had a few earthquakes today.  I am really worried for my family.

Apparently people are hesistant to donate to Japan because they are a developed country and don't need donations. I heard on the radio that 23million has been donated and with Haiti at four days received 110 million. I donated to the Red Cross.

The Huffington Post has a good link on where to donate:


invite nightmare

our invitations are wrapped in this nice paper and a sturdy box. pretty right? no wonder these things are expensive..
so our invitations are kind of late. they should have been mailed out a few weeks ago. i bought some envelopes online so that i could address them before the invitations arrive.  i started addressing them this morning when the invites arrived. the the shocker. THE INVITES ARE BIGGER THAN THE ENVELOPE!!.  yikes. i rush to staples to find a bigger envelope. the next size is an inch too big. so i decided to buy a paper cutter and crop the invite. i hope no one notices..
my work station. it is 11:20pm and we are finally done.



i hate drama. i am pretty much drama-free except for the not talking to an ex-friend for 6 years and the ben's girlfriend who got on me for no reason. i try to stay away from that stuff.

i called my mom and apparently there is some drama going on... like who is invited to the wedding, i dont' want to sit next to them, etc, etc. why isn't alisa's mom not invited to the wedding? i haven't talked to them in forever and we are not in touch. i can't really translate in english.. "they took care of you when you were younger." they can go to my brother's wedding.  my mom said, it is my wedding and i can invite whomever i please. i agree. i think? and also, who cares if they don't get invited. jeez.
i really didn't think that the wedding would bring this negativity. maybe, i should have known.
be forewarned.

image unknown


clif bars

so i've been addicted to clif bars recently. i went to target and purchased a box to eat on the plane. i told adam my plan and the flavor (chocolate chip peanut crunch?). his response is "ewhh."

i ask him what flavor he would prefer and his response was peanut butter. i thought he would say cranberry nut (something healthy and gross) not the bar that a bought minus a chip. oh adam, you make me laugh.



i have this weird thing where i have to have the house clean before starting homework. i've always done it. maybe it's my add?

this week is technically midterm week (a few more days before spring break). i have to study for type mid-term, have ideas for photo, work on a poster, pick up some envelopes for our invitations. the invites are super expensive and they are selling plain ones for a dollar each so we decided to get them ourselves. i pray that the stores here sell them. <-- wow tangent again. need to pack. i'm at that point where i am just freaking out and not getting a single thing done.

maybe i should turn this into a list:
  • study type midterm- how many points in a pica? idk. due 3/3 failed big time
  • brainstorm photo (due date 3/2) kind of. need professional help photogs.
  • barstow poster (due date 3/17?)
  • buy A7 envelopes (by 3/3) purchased 3/2
  • pack
  • start on adam's suitcase kind of
  • fill out worksheet from our wedding planner (due preferably by 3/3)
a slight improvement.
we want a big ol kitchen when we buy a house and one of those professional kitchen hose things.. at the oscar party, i discussed not knowing what we wanted in life with another party-goer. i told her i've always been arty but not talented and now i'm "exploring". she said i should bake. haha. i just had a good recipe. i don't even like baking to tell you the truth. just the easy stuff.
also i would like a big, leather chair made by aiden of course.

okay, back to work. seriously.
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