the baguette

one of my favorites things in france was seeing people, young, old, children walking with baguette in hand to take home to dinner. i did it a few times just because. i also brought home a baguette from a famous boulangerie. i love the french baguette. crisp on the outside and warm in the inside.
for lent, my brother and his girlfriend are giving up carbs. i decided to give up bread. i used to eat bagels and english muffins maybe twice a day? i'll still eat rice, oatmeal, pancakes but no bread. i'm hoping to stay away from it until may. brides diet?


Anonymous said...

good for you! i gave up sugar, anything sweet. but i broke it last saturday. i had a cupcake from yummy.

sayaka said...

lucky. i wish i could. i should. but i love chocolate so much. adam is upset that i keep on eating shit..

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