invite nightmare

our invitations are wrapped in this nice paper and a sturdy box. pretty right? no wonder these things are expensive..
so our invitations are kind of late. they should have been mailed out a few weeks ago. i bought some envelopes online so that i could address them before the invitations arrive.  i started addressing them this morning when the invites arrived. the the shocker. THE INVITES ARE BIGGER THAN THE ENVELOPE!!.  yikes. i rush to staples to find a bigger envelope. the next size is an inch too big. so i decided to buy a paper cutter and crop the invite. i hope no one notices..
my work station. it is 11:20pm and we are finally done.


GoNinjaGo said...

OH NOES!! i feel your pain. I just sent out my save the dates. Seems late. I need to send out the actual invites soon. real soon. Oh man.

sayaka said...

really? hm. they say save the dates 4-6.oh wait, you have travelers.. i think it should be okay.

Anonymous said...

that sucks! good thing you can trim it.

ps. congratulation, Toshiro!

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