i have this weird thing where i have to have the house clean before starting homework. i've always done it. maybe it's my add?

this week is technically midterm week (a few more days before spring break). i have to study for type mid-term, have ideas for photo, work on a poster, pick up some envelopes for our invitations. the invites are super expensive and they are selling plain ones for a dollar each so we decided to get them ourselves. i pray that the stores here sell them. <-- wow tangent again. need to pack. i'm at that point where i am just freaking out and not getting a single thing done.

maybe i should turn this into a list:
  • study type midterm- how many points in a pica? idk. due 3/3 failed big time
  • brainstorm photo (due date 3/2) kind of. need professional help photogs.
  • barstow poster (due date 3/17?)
  • buy A7 envelopes (by 3/3) purchased 3/2
  • pack
  • start on adam's suitcase kind of
  • fill out worksheet from our wedding planner (due preferably by 3/3)
a slight improvement.
we want a big ol kitchen when we buy a house and one of those professional kitchen hose things.. at the oscar party, i discussed not knowing what we wanted in life with another party-goer. i told her i've always been arty but not talented and now i'm "exploring". she said i should bake. haha. i just had a good recipe. i don't even like baking to tell you the truth. just the easy stuff.
also i would like a big, leather chair made by aiden of course.

okay, back to work. seriously.


sarirosanty said...

hahaha, i saw a big, leather chair (kinda look like the one by aide). it was comfy!!

you should do food/travel/photo blog. :)

sayaka said...

was it thousands of dollars?

i really need to do a what i put in my mouth. i've been really scarfing down cookies and chocolate.

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