i'm staying up way past my bedtime (12:45am) to bid on the bridesmaid dress. i'm talking to my brother who used to buy things online for advice. i told him they were for bridesmaids dresses and am i being cheap?

brother:you are only bidding on one dress?
me: yeni is doing her own, i have to buy inez at jcrew and this one is for mavis
brother: them old friends, any new ones?
it made me a little sad that i don't know how to make friends anymore but it's different when you are a grown-up. you make couple friends and they don't really, really become good girlfriends.. maybe it's just me. it feels like a set?

anyways. i like the few friends i have left. maybe i'll keep them.  it is hard being a grown-up.


Anonymous said...

you're not being cheap. its a dress that we'll wear once. tho, i'm planning to wear mine to NC wedding (maybe, depends on the weather). you can't find inez's on ebay? what about carolyn?

dude, you made friends everywhere you go! what are you talking about?

ditto on being a grown-up.

sayaka said...

i dont think she wants to tell me her size? not sure. but she ordered her dresses herself and picked one i think?

i asked i found her size in taryn but she wants the arabelle? the person said her boobs make her a 14 but her waist is an 8 and taryn wont support them? i dunno..

Anonymous said...

oh i see. lets hope my dress support my boobs. cause i don't wanna be the wild one in your wedding. hehe.

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