i hate drama. i am pretty much drama-free except for the not talking to an ex-friend for 6 years and the ben's girlfriend who got on me for no reason. i try to stay away from that stuff.

i called my mom and apparently there is some drama going on... like who is invited to the wedding, i dont' want to sit next to them, etc, etc. why isn't alisa's mom not invited to the wedding? i haven't talked to them in forever and we are not in touch. i can't really translate in english.. "they took care of you when you were younger." they can go to my brother's wedding.  my mom said, it is my wedding and i can invite whomever i please. i agree. i think? and also, who cares if they don't get invited. jeez.
i really didn't think that the wedding would bring this negativity. maybe, i should have known.
be forewarned.

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Anonymous said...

um, NO negativity! ok, i'm ready. maybe you should tell me your favorite treats. anytime you feel stress on your wedding day, i'll just shower you with treats and happiness!!! hehe. (cheese!)

sayaka said...

it might be the only day i can't eat. i swear be prepared. the nerves.

Anonymous said...

alrighty. i'll make sure to bring my armors.

should i bring a punching bag?

GoNinjaGo said...

I'm experiencing the same "drama"

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