funny story

you know i am struggling with the typography class this semester. this class makes me feel like i shouldn't be pursuing graphic design. my teacher is a little vague when it comes to instruction. i know this is supposed to be an upper level class. a lot of times i feel very discouraged. i should try harder because this was the same problem that stops me from doing many things. 

okay, back to my funny story. we went to go see the yes men at the university. my teacher introduces the yes men. he did a little bit and adam liked him. teacher brought his young son and i thought he was so cute (looks about 10). the girls in my class also agreed.

anyway, today i went to the market for groceries and at the house across the street (diagonally) i see my teacher's son playing catch with someone. then he trades sides and i see my teacher. my teacher is my neighbor. weird. 
a few weeks ago i wrote about the weird car crash. that is his house. he said the car accident happened twice in a few years.


Anonymous said...

small town, ey?

sayaka said...

i know. i got an A on my last project. is it because i know where he lives?

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