yesterday adam forgot a few key item's for his hungarian beef stew (gulash). i went to the store to pick up the items so he could start cooking. got into the express self check lane. i was behind a lady who was old and going awfully slow.  i noticed a little later she had a cast on one of her arms. then to add to it she paid with a check which you have to bring to the customer service, show id, etc, then come back to the lane to sign. omigod. i ran through the store to get my items to purchase and i waited forever behind this woman. she apologized for the delay so i forgive her a little.

i went back to the store today to stock for cooking this week. i got behind an older couple. i thought two people would be faster and they were almost done with their basket. wrong. the guy couldn't see the barcode so he put each item by his face to figure where the barcode was, then scanned said item. omg!
WHY must you get in the self check lane? They have a ton of check out lanes with real people. I really can not comprehend.

Andreas Gurky photo via Sotheby's found here

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Anonymous said...

hahaha.. oh my.

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