i just realized there is so much to be done and we don't have a lot of time before the wedding. feel a little overwhelmed. i have two crits and have appointments galore during spring break. no wedding rehearsal venue, no wedding schedule/program, no favors, no bridesmaid dress sizes (am i allowed to harass them again? mavis went for a sizing).

this is making me depressed.  we just ordered our invitations and they won't arrive for three weeks? what is this bullshit?

weddings are so god-damn expensive. over $100 per person for what? over $12 an invite? i would rather spend it on travel or a nice something. that's why i didn't want to get married. i'm easily embarassed. i would never go to prom (glad i didn't) and i never wished for a wedding.

i may take this back afterwards because i loved my graduation ceremony and hanging out with friends at the manhattan beach pier eating ice cream. i am stressed and angry. i had 6 milano cookies and finished a bag of reeses buttercups. what is wrong with me?


Anonymous said...

oh boy! i'm sorry to hear this. ok, you need to harass them. or just ask for their size if they can't go to a fitting. i'm sure it's pretty close.

as far as rehearsal venue, if you wanna let me know your budget and how many guests. i can try to help you find some options. oh and what kind of food you want.

schedule/program... i personally think those thing are kind of a waste. but, i understand if you want to have one. that way people know what's going on.

favors... hmm. i'll have to get back to you on that.

yes weddings are expensive. i don't think i minded if you rather travel or buy nice things. but can i at least see some pictures? :)

anyway, you're just overwhelm. it's crazy planning a wedding. just remember, it's YOUR (and adam) day! who give a shit on what people say.

relax, have a glass of wine and watch dexter!

have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

whoa sorry for the long comment.

check her out.

sayaka said...

thank you. just a response is good enough.

i'm okay now. i had dinner, popcorn, watched the social network, and just finished season two of dexter (just reread your comment - i did have red wine with dexter)

we are going to eat at some places while in la next week. thank you for thinking about it. rehearsal dinners are expensive too! what the hell.? i know i shouldn't be complaining because i'm not paying for it. but i'm practical. i really think weddings are a waste. asian weddings are a good idea. you give moneys to couples so it will pay for the wedding itself.

thanks for the broke ass bride link.

also, i guess the key is to take care of business one by one.

thanks again for your advice.

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