wings and bowled

last night we went bowling. we had wings for dinner and bowled. we joked that in michigan this is a little white-trash, whereas, in los angeles, it would be considered a hipster activity. i had a good night thanks to pbr, blue moon and guinness. also to good company.
24 ounce pbr at the bowling alley. keeping it classy.
everyone made fun of me because i use the balls intended for kids. to get back at them, i am posting awkward bowling photos.

i tried putting my finger in a 5lb ball. it didn't happen.  those balls are meant for four year-olds.
i bowled terribly. my score was somewhere in the 80s. the others were the in the 100-200 range. i'm going to pretend that the lower the score, the better.  i want to join a league.


Anonymous said...

haha... you can't use the grownup balls?

is adam growing his beard all the way?

sayaka said...

too heavy.

sayaka said...

beard= he is going for the mountainman look.

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