assignment one

i am having a bit of a rough time in school this semester. maybe i assumed that my classes would be easy? in photo, i feel like i am the only person that doesn't know anything. first weeks of class i couldn't point out the iso, aperture, shutterspeed buttons (haha i still can't). i guess the only way to learn is to make mistakes?

wednesday's class was canceled due to the snow storm so i went to the lab last night to print out photos. omigod, i harassed the lab moniter so much. i couldn't believe i was that annoying person with a million questions.  the teach emailed this morning that critiques will be pushed back until monday. 

typography is another story.  i can't tell if the teacher is a good or bad one. i can't understand what he wants in assignment's. he's very vague?

here are a few of the shots for assignment one.  i'm calling it "mount pleasant."  i am making the town such a dreary looking place.  it's not though. i find this town quite charming.

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