so i scarfed down a cupcake a few hours ago.  then my order from urban outfitters arrived. i've been purchasing levi's and alternative apparel on sale there. i used to get my jeans from forever but they smell weird.  anyways, i still love american apparel but alternative apparel is my new crush. their shirts are so~ ridiculously soft.  i wear their stuff like every week. i'm like the weird old lady in class that wears the same thing everyday. sorry went off on a tangent again.

back to my story.  i baked a dozen cupcakes for adam for valentine's day. it made my day when he said that it helped him get through his day.  he had a tough one and when i delivered them, he said it was such a nice surprise. that day he ate three of them. i had two (the baker has to taste the product, right?)

so the jeans/clothes ordered from urban outfitters. they are tight. great. i guess the eating two cupcakes a day is not such a good idea.  

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Anonymous said...

that was sweet of you.

i think baker should just taste, not eat two whole cupcakes. hehe. :)

sayaka said...

haha yeah.. but we decided that it would be a waste to not eat cupcakes so we are eating two a day.

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