i love presents! when i was little, i was the girl who ripped the corner of the wrapped present to figure out what i got for christmas and tried my best to close it up. i have no restraint when it comes to gifts. 

today we received a package from williams sonoma.
a few people have been asking me about the registry so i had no idea who sent it.

thank you so much! it really wasn't necessary.  i appreciate your friendship and what would i be without my partner in crime?

ps. i want to open it so much but i guess i should wait for adam...


sarirosanty said...

Yay, that's part of 1 of 3 packages. I didn't notice until after I ordered. So, two more are coming!! :)

Ps. That's the biggest one. Hehe.

sayaka said...

thank you so much! i love packages.

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