santa barbara

this weekend was pretty eventful. friday night i went to see gertie fox play at this pub in pasadena with marisa, we met up with eric james watson, gigi, and their friend graham before the show. saturday night was lisa's graduation party. i'm upset i didn't go in the jumper but the party was fun noneoftheless. lisa was so sweet to bake me a birthday cake. i got to see patty and her kids.. they are the cutest things ever.

so i wake up sunday morning feeling bored.. i called everyone. well everyone i could possibly go shopping with and even people i never call. anyhoo the point is i was so bored and no one could hang out with me. i called marisa, mavis, christle, van, toshiro and who else? i asked dan to the zoo.. so i imed yeni and asked her if i should go shopping alone. yeni says, "why dont you come visit me?" i thought about it and said why not? so i packed my weekend bag and headed to santa barbara. two and a half hours later (plus 5 accidents) i arrive in the beautiful city of santa barbara.

here is a view of santa barbara. the weather was extremely beautiful.
the next day we woke up (me super early) browsed the internet (yeni is thoughtful left her laptop with me because she knew i was going to be up early?). we all got dressed and headed out for breakfast. my only request, "somewhere cute."

we seattled at jeannine's american bakery right near his place. we sat in the corner patio area.
here is james eating his grub
james chicken pesto sandwich. looked good.
yeni dancing (?) after eating her tangy lemon loaf thing
my spinich omellette was superb
yeni and i at this chinese resturant in santa barbara
asians perfected the peace sign.
here is a picture of me and my cake from lisa. it was fantastic. forgive me i just woke up and i look like shit.

hey yeni and james.. thanks for being so hospitable this past weekend. i had tons of fun and i will see you guys on saturday! yaay!

1 comment:

yeni said...

haha... i love it. i'm glad you came to visit. and yea... was i really dancing there?

anyway, can't wait to see you this weekend. =)

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