medieval times

this weekend we took a trip to medieval times for liz and my birthdays. we haven't done our birthday dinners in a while so i thought we should set something up. we initially wanted to do the pirates adventure but they told us we needed reservations and the earliest would be in june.
this is the red knight that mavis and i were fighting over.. i'll give the red knight to her since i don't like boys anymore. he reminds me of the boy from the blue lagoon.
this is me posing next to a horse's ass. i thought it was pretty funny there but it really isn't. there is a sign that says "do not touch the horses they bite." i don't think it is possible for us to touch the horses since there is glass between us.
i am retarded (but you guys already know that..)
i'm waiting for my food here. jc said the food was terrible so i was expecting the worst. we had cheese bread, chicken, barbeque rib, potato, pepsi, coffee, apple danish, vegetable soup. we ate with our hands. thatt was a little gross but it was fun and filling. we got their at 2pm (funny because i picked up mavis at like 1:50.. i dont' know how i got from harbor city to buena park in 10minutes. mavis said it was my reckless driving but i drive lola, is that possible? :)


sorry for the lack of other people in this post. i am a camera hog.

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