my weekend..

my weekend was pretty fun. i think these photos will sum everything upi love this picture.. i took it while driving and i have pretty good aim for someone paying attention to the road :) i crammed six people into my corolla and we hung out in hollywood. i forget the name of this dirty dive bar we went to. ye olde something in los feliz on the opposite side of the drawing room.
marisa, ian and joe drinking beers and smoking their rolled cigs outside the hesby house. tiffany, vivian and i were inside watching the last of sliding doors. love that movie
me riding dan's bmx bike. like my new dress? a very tall, burly man came up to me at the jockey dive bar to tell me "your dress is really great." an asian girl "ice-grilled" (as dan put it) outside the bar but i think only because she was admiring my dress.
dan and marisa having a photoshoot in the living room of the hesby house *note dan wearing sayaka's slip.

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