i'm really milking the birthday thing this year

so last night van, mindy, christle and i went to cheesecake factory to celebrate mine and christle's may birthdays. it was lots of fun and it was great catching up with the girls who i haven't seen in forever. mindy still had her mercedes (her boyfriend johnny crashed it), christle was happy with her boyfriend (now she is in the process of ending it) and van is no longer blond (she's a brunette now). me? i got dumped and got thin. boo so not interesting.mindy and christle and my bellini (soo good)

van with her eyes closed and me looking awfully manly

group pic (i wish i dressed up)

van and i

miss mindy and christle

our birthday sundaes were soo yummy!

white chocolate rasberry cheesecake i believe it is the best selling cheesecake nationwide at all the cheesecake factories.

we go to cheesecake at 8pm and we were there until 12pm! well he had lots of catching up to do. haha.. afterwords we went over to visit the boys and i actually kareoked! we did this game on a playstation. it was lots of fun and i think i'm putting that on my wish list for next birthday.

today is sooo incredibly hot i have to get out of the house. i bet santa barbara is really nice...

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