a place in the sun

every summer my friends and i attend the cemetary screenings at hollywood forever. we pack up a picnic basket, blanket, wine and good company. last year we saw carrie, sullivan's travels, i forget what else. our first screening this year was for a place in the sun with elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift. emily and marisa got to my house at 5:30pm and i drove to hollywood.

that's us drinking sofia canned sparkling wine while waiting in line for the cemetary to open.. i don't think we are allowed to be drinking out in public...
this is emily and i having a photoshoot in front of douglas's grave.. in perfect timing a boy comes near so we had him take several pictures of us.. haha

emily made fantastic chicken sandwiches and brought bottled sodas in her samsonite vanity case.
emily and marisa eating
us girls (photo taken by jason our new cinematographer friend, he could not watch us take terrible pictures... haha)
cinematographer and our new friend jason with jesus
marisa and emily with june bug protectors (aka cloth napkins). apparently we are in june bug mating season and we were attacked by ugly june bugs. lots of fun..
me with the june bug protector.. we look like dutch maidens..

the screening was lots of fun.. we have to get some of this fabulous wisconsin cheese our neighbors "the writers" gave us. robustus cheese from whole foods..

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