i love taking morning walks.. waking up as early as i can and heading out to the beach (manhattan is the nearest and also my favorite). i usually have this ritual with christle. i'd pick her up, we walk for about 40 minutes head to starbucks for our lattes, then noah's bagels (she'll have the light smear with the bran bagel, i'll have the jalapeno bagel w/ regular smear). she's been busy with school so we haven't gone on our walks in like a month. i missed it so i decided to do it on my own. i gave yeni a call at 7am but she said she'd pass. yeni pass? that's a first.

i got to the beach at about 7:20. it felt wonderful because the skies were clear (sort of) and smiles from strangers... dont' you love christmas in los angeles? everyone in the east is in layers and i go to the beach in shorts. haha.

anyways, i keep walking and i see everyone looking towards the water.. the waves were huge! even i was tempted to go in. because of the hurricanes in hawaii california has been experiencing huge waves.. well huge waves for at least manhattan/hermosa beach.

i got home about 10:20 and i feel good. now i think i'll make some breakfast, wrap some more gifts, clean my room and get ready to go over to the gonzalez/ponce dinner..

merry christmas everyone!

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