iccho reunion

the iccho gang had a iccho reunion because tams was visiting from japan. the old gang plus the girlfriends (toshiro's amanda and tam's tracy) came out for drinks. it was lots of fun.

nakano kun picked me up at 7pm and we had dinner at hakata ramen (his treat yaay!). we had beers, karaage, gyoza (potstickers i hate that name), more beer. we were done at 9 and meet time at kazamidori was at 10:30. we hang out and talk. nakano kun is soo shocked i found someone, 'cause you know he wishes he could date me. haha. i kid. he is now lonely so if anyone knows any nice, cool, pretty, and not too skinny girls for nakano kun to date send them my or his way. i don't want him to be lonely too much.

toshiro then meets us in at hakata ramen and we ride together to iccho.

here shaun baker gives me the finger. i think i will make him a myspace profile because of it. he would be sooo mad.. haha

shaun baker broke up with his girlfriend tomoko and found himself a new fob, sorry new girlfriend. but i cannot talk either huh. in a way i suffer from yellow fever. ewh..

here is tams and shaun baker with pitchers of beer and our mugs. we had a bit of an upsetting moment at kazamidori. we kept on ordering beers and the owner came to our table and told us that we had to order food and not just alcohol. that was incredibly rude! it totally ruined nakano kun's night. i told my mom the next day and she knows the dude and said that was not like him. what an ass. i've been there twice. it's pretty but both times i've had a not so good time. iccho group needs to go back to iccho.

toshiro, me and hiro

tams and his girl tracy.

we then headed to visit car-key at our denny's
(toshiro must apply make-up prepping for carki).

ps. the hawthorwne/fashion way denny's has changed quite a bit. we need a new after denny's place. maybe ihop for pancakes?

i order cheesecake. i have to have my cheesecake. carki brings me a side of whipped cream. how sweet! car-key is so nice and he gave us lots of free things because we rock. i told you guys we would get free stuff if he was our waiter. how can he not miss the gang?

souvenir pic with the whole gang. don't ask what i am doing. tams, hurry back so we can have our iccho nights.. but its not the same anymore.. a couple of you are practically married, somebody has to go to doctor school and someone is still a jerk. haha.

just kidding.. i always have a blast with this gang.

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