christmas recap

my christmas is spent every year with the gonzalez/ponce family. with my own family, we never celebrate holidays so i have to invite myself to friend's family functions. so anyway, the gonzalez's i've known since grammer school. inez is my best friend since the 5th grade. we both had jansport backpacks, trapper keepers, watched beverly hills 90210 every week and i'm so glad only she had the troll (those things are so ugly i dunno why they became so popular in the 7th grade). the first picture is what i am known for doing (reads magazines for hours before christmas dinner).

this is after we all opened our presents at midnight. this christmas was a bit subdued and wasn't as crazy as the past christmas. inez tells me it's because no one was really in the christmas spirit and maybe also because jesse and greg are no longer kids.

this is inez's legs. she is a classy girl wearing socks with sandles. ms. gonzalez claims she will not let me meet her boyfriend until the wedding how rude! jessica though invited me to her wedding already. i'm an honorarary ponce/gonzalez even though felis still calls me fusaka...

the mini yorkie is lola and she is a showgirl. one of the cutest dogs i've ever met. it doesn't stink or bark!

christmas eve was spent with the ponce's in their home. next day woke up and watched home sweet alabama, legally blonde and 13 going on 30. mr gonzalez made everyone breakfast carne, easy over eggs and refried beans (only beans that i like are inez and inez's dad's beans). we finally start getting ready at 3pm and then head to reseda to cousin john, frank, tyler's house. there i had the best lasagna ever. sooo good. we played the elephant gift exchange where mostly everyone was happy with their gift. i ended up stealing chris's smores maker. i wanted this since having smores with allison and carol in new york... hope everyone is having a fabulous day after christmas. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYOSUKE! i think i will go buy some shoes today..

okay.. so here are some of my favorite things i got this year... sofia canned white wines.. i've been wanting them forever (although sophia tells me they don't taste very good. but a pink can how can i not like it?), marisa knitted me a scarf (it is super warm perfect for cold winter disneyland trips), clay got me green underwear (it is listed as my interests haha on myspace) and a barnes & noble gift card where i purchased a ella fitzgerald louis armstrong cd) and socks (gifts a mother would give her son), and a smores maker was something i've been wanting since making them at cosi i new york with allison and carol... can't wait to make smores! yaay! plus i did end up buying shoes today.. present to myself which i do often...

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