lomo saltado

i'm going to peru one day.
my eyes look rolled back here... lunch made my day a lot better. i was online the same time as tams so i invited him out to lunch since i hadn't seen him since his goodbye party in the summer. he gave me a maybe so i called toshiro. tams then canceled (which i figured he would do) so me and toshiro went to el polla inka for lunch.

love peruvian food! we both ordered the lomo saltado. it is probably the dish i order 89% of the time. it looks simple enough to make but i have never attempted to. toshiro suggested we have a lomo saltado party once he gets the recipe from his mom. i think tams should make it because he is a wonderful cook (his okinawa dango soooo good). toshiro you better get the recipe for the good hot green sauce also!

here is a picture of toshiro hiding from the camera.. inca cola soo yummy. when are you going to take me to go buy inca cola dude?

we also went to best buy and borders to bye some more ella fitzgerald.. cd was $20+ dollars.. i tend to do that a lot.. not check how much it is before purchasing. anyways the cd is fantastic but would have been more so if the "lets call the whole thing off" was the louis armstrong duet..

here is another pic of the inca cola because i know you guys haven't had enough. vert thirst quenching. anyone flan?

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