i am looking for a full time job position

i like my job. we import bronzes and furniture from thailand, indonesia and the like. i love furniture, asian culture, etc. etc. when i first applied for the job, it sounded fantastic. travel, furniture, working in your own office.

i've been at this company for over two months. when the boss doesn't come in.. its great! what i hate is that he promised to pay me xxx amount and he is oblivious to it now. I don't even get a 40 hour work week and i sometimes even get a "okay there isn't work to be done tomorrow don't come in."

did i quit dr. uemura's office to get the same paycheck (but more days worked)? i really really need a new job. this sucks big time. i want to pay off my debts and buy a new car.

if anyone knows of good job openings please let me know.. i am in need of a job. when he called me this morning as i was about to leave to tell me i have the day off i cried. (okay i might be overreacting but this job is a string of dissapointments only) what the fuck. i am soo on the verge of quitting..

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