the zero-waste home

i watch the today show before class every morning. today, they introduced a couple in california who doesn't have any garbage! they bring mason jars, bottles,mesh bags, shopping. cheese, meats go in mason jars. they use toothpaste power in a re-useable jar and bio-degradeable toothbrushes from australia. they avoid clutter and limit to things that can fit into a container. they don't buy anything in boxes. they buy pasta, grains from their co-op with cloth bags.

adam and i bring our totes shopping always. we also have mesh bags for vegetables. this article is a real eye-opener, it makes me want to try a little more and reduce our trash intake.

some new things i learned from this article is that plastic (#1 + #2 plastic) once recycled cannot be recycled again. those type of plastic also end up in the landfills.

photo's from the sunset article here

bea johnson's blog here


Anonymous said...

i was wondering about feminine stuff, then i read her blog. interesting.

i definitely would be open to that lifestyle once we have our own home (if that ever happen)

sayaka said...

they sell plastic tampons and cloth napkins.

i was going to buy some as a joke gift, but they were too expensive.

my mom used to use cloth diapers.. if i ever end up with kids, i think i will try cloth..

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