so initially for the guestbook i wanted people to sign a postcard instead of a traditional guestbook. i have a lot of postcards collected throughout the years but not many of los angeles (cause i lived there no need to collect..).  i don't know if i'm going to be able to find LA postcards in time. i'm looking online but not finding any good ones.. i tried to make an i love la one but it is not cool enough.

so i am thinking of printing a poster that people can sign
or take instant photo and some sort of guestbook for people to sign.
which do you think is cooler?

instax camera via


Anonymous said...

i love the instant photo idea.

but your poster is pretty cool. i was starring at the letters. and i can actually see both of your names spelled out. weird.

sayaka said...

wow. you must be good at the viewing puzzle things. i forgot the name.

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