fat fat fat fat fat

i'm not exercising or dieting. what kind of bride am i?

today we went to dinner after a egg-decorating party. i ordered ribs (a full rack) and beans.  the waiter said a girl has never ordered a full rack with beans before..
i need some sort of something to get me healthy... what's wrong with me?

why can't i be naturally thin like audrey? i guess even the thin work out (ala gwyneth)


Anonymous said...

stop it! i always think you're naturally thin. we just need to exercise, right? since being in the 30's means slower metabolism and our fight with gravity is a bit harder than last decade.

you'll be fine. and i'm proud of you on ordering a full rack of ribs. not sure about the beans tho. you know my thought on beans. hehe.

sayaka said...

i'm big-boned. i feel like all of you are small-boned. omg if a stranger read our comments, what would they think?

the blessing (?) for me is not having boobs. you look a little thinner without them.

Anonymous said...

hahah... strangers should not be reading this comments.

yea, i wish i can give you mine. coz mine are ready to come out of the dress.

sayaka said...

i'm fine with mine but thanks for offering!

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