my friend was a maid of honor for a friends wedding. she told me a few months shy of the wedding that their friendship was over. i didn't believe her. she jokes about things all the time. i figured it was one of her pranks. a few years later, they are still not speaking.

now that i am planning the big day, i can understand how this might happen.

more advice from (seasoned pros in my inner circle, who would of thought?)  adam and sayaka:

-don't have a wedding (we cannot wait for this to be over)
-learn how to deligate? i think i'm frustrated all by myself..
-don't invite everyone. i should of just invited the few. i didn't think everyone was gonna come!

will update more later.

beautiful big sur wedding from here

post edit: i think those dresses are jcrew in spiced wine!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice! I will pass this along to James. :)

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