screens and wedding

the smogshoppe has a screen that people show movies during the wedding. i am "researching" movies that would be appropriate.  we have five kids coming.

i watched the planet earth series.. but i dont want to see a frog/worm/bat while eating.

so we decided on:

1. Bambi: when adam was little, his mom took him to see bambi. during the fire scene when all the animals are fleeing, adam goes into hysterics. his mom thinks it is because the mom dies. :( she told me the story when we first met. adam later told me, that he was probably too young to enjoy it yet. wow bambi was made even before all our parents were born!

2. royal tenenbaums: i like the film shots and the typography (futura!). i can't remember if it was inappropriate.

3. le ballon rouge: i can't remember where exactly i saw this for the first time. i just know i was very young.  i purchased the dvd a few years ago. it makes me cry everytime. adam's aunt did her phd thesis on this film.


Anonymous said...

oh boy, I haven't seen bambi since high school. I love royal tenenbaums. haven't seen le ballon rouge. so you're not playing some childhood photos? :)

sayaka said...

no. adam said too cheesy. i personally like them but we are slightly cooler than the others. haha jk. a little.

Anonymous said...

i like them. :)

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