warby parker

it is super hard to find stylish glasses for someone with a big face like me. my current glasses are five years old and i purchased them at walmart of all places in the men's (grandpa) section.

a few weeks ago i read an article on the new york times about this company in brooklyn called warby parker.  they let you try the glasses for free (they ship them to you) and they are very reasonable ($100).

i'm going to email them to see if they have frames for the large face.

you can find the new york times article here and their website here.


Anonymous said...

that's a great idea. i really need a new glasses. i've been meaning to get new contact, but i really want a glasses. let me how it work out.

sayaka said...

i can't believe how long you have lasted.

i am so blind without contacts. i feel like i am going blind. it's scary.

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