bridesmaids v groomsmen

okay, i've known what the girls are going to wear since a year ago. i got one size back (Yeni). adam didn't know what the guys were going to wear until saturday (two days ago) and their suits are on the way to their homes as i type. i should just give them garbage bags to wear.
our rehearsal dinner is going to be on friday the 13th. dun dun duuun.

all of adam's groomsmen are thinner and taller? all of my bridesmaids are more petite than me. i hate being big-boned and oh yeah, fat.


sayaka said...

i hope by some miracle i will lose weight. i walk to school everyday. that's two miles a day.

i did buy a bag of reeses buttercups..

Anonymous said...

don't worry. I gave up on loosing weight. so I'll be the fattest. :)

ps. sorry for being absent from your blog lately.

sayaka said...

will we be complaining in our forties?

you are my sole reader. thanks for the readership.

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