covet: january

my sneaks are getting a bit tattered. i want some nike frees. they come oprah recommended and are very light. adam and i cannot pack light to save our lives. light shoes= a pound less of junk in our suitcases.
ipad. do i need it? probably not. when we went to a  cake tasting, they let us use it to look at their photos. a great idea for clients i think. do you use it at work?


Anonymous said...

the ipad IS REALLY NICE! we don't use it, but i know a lot of people in the industry use them. most people we know have to them to show their portfolio. it's really convenient, instead of carrying your book around. for you, i think it's perfect to travel. instead of carrying your macbook everywhere.

sayaka said...

yeah, i wish the second gen will have a cdrom? i watch movies on flights. helps with the aerophobia.

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