thanksgiving dinner

My two favorite thanksgiving foods are pillsbury croissants and green bean casserole (things from a can and not very good for you).  We tried this year to class it up a little.  We made everything from scratch, and most of the items were organic, cage-free, kosher, etc.
Did you know that brussel sprouts are on a stem? I learned that earlier this year.
Our very delectable assortment of cheeses. Gourmet markets are awesome.
The Chez Mocks.
Our organic 14lb-er. I made that weight up.  I don't remember but the turkey was perfect.
Rolls.  It took three risings and four hours to make.
It's not a thanksgiving without cocktails.  Cranberry sangria.
An americana (bourbon and champagne).
Dinner.  We were on our feet from 9am to 7:30pm.  I felt like a waitress.  Our feet hurt soo bad from being the slaves in the kitchen.  Overall thanksgiving dinner was a success!

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sayaka said...

I forgot pie photos. They were delicious. Adam has been making pecan and pumpkin four years in a row.

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