dinner: white pizza with arugula

Adam really enjoys it when I make something new. I am the opposite, I order the same thing, cook the same things, have a million black cardigans. I didn't know what to cook and Adam suggested a pizza. 

I have been using an easy dough recipe found online but it tastes a doughy. Google easy pizza dough and that's the recipe i'm talking about.   I found this pizza recipe on Num Num Chronicles. It was fairly easy to make. The dough again felt undone (I used a different recipe).  I am doing something wrong. Note to self: call mom.
This pizza calls for a lot of cheese and olive oil.  I will try and use less of it next time.
Final result: Adam, "this pizza is so good." I felt it was slightly too oily..

recipe from num num chronicles


Anonymous said...

they look pretty good too.

sayaka said...

i love arugula.

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