cornerstop and design poster

this poster was the initial inspiration for my project. a cornershop poster in our bedroom.
this is the final poster i turned in today.  our teacher has a interesting way of doing critiques.  a person picks a poster they like, discusses what they like/what they would change about it and then the person will explain their project and then pick the next project.  i think it is a great way of critiquing.  i was pretty nervous today because i usually get called on pretty early in the game but today I was picked somewhere in the middle. nerves.

a boy in class said the white space bothers him. i might of gotten a little defensive.  another boy said that he liked the space and understood what i was saying.  i think the open space is interesting. what the hell does that kid know. he has a justin bieber hairdo. i kid. a little.


sayaka said...

i got an A. yes!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Good job!
What did bieber get? Hehe

sayaka said...

idk. but i hope a C

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