dear santa 2010

 kate spade confetti coasters. so festive. i think may just purchase them for myself..
for my photo class and travels/festivities next year...

 thank you to my most awesome brother.  i will have adobe illustrator in a few weeks.

Dear Santa, for Adam.
 he needs a pair of boots for the cold Michigan winters (red wings for jcrew).
mac book air (11") for his equations and papers.


GoNinjaGo said...

The new MacBook Air is sweEEEEt.
I think I would miss the DVD drive though.

sayaka said...

Adam likes small computers. I think i read online one complaint was not enough space?

sayaka said...

your post: yeah, i watch movies on planes.i suppose there will come a time when we buy instant movies/shows on the internet.. is that already happening? do you do it?

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