it is getting a little chillier in mount pleasant. i can see the leaves rustling outside my window and i am drinking a lot more hot tea. your rustic blog post and the cool weather here inspired me to buy some wood at the gas station. i carried the wood inside to pay and the attendant said, "you don't have to carry that thing in here, it's heavy." the customer's behind me chuckled. i don't know these things(there was a barcode), i'm from the city?

today is kind of a anniversary. i moved to mount pleasant exactly one year ago today. my mom dropped me off at the airport and i had to hold back my tears (when did i turn into such a crybaby?). a baby was waving to someone near me when i realized the baby was waving to my mom who was waving goodbye to me. sometimes i wish california was closer...


Anonymous said...

you totally just made me a little teary.

we miss you, lots!

this weekend is going to be chilly for us as well. weather forecast at the cabin is gonna be in the low 60s.

sayaka said...

i was a little teary writing it. must be a girl thing. adam did not tear up.

i miss sunday brunches and gasp, the gym..

Anonymous said...

aw,gym & sunday brunches.. not the same without you. i'm soo fat.

ok, i'm off to the cabin.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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