santorini is the most magical place i have ever been too. sorry for the lackluster post (i should probably not be updating while on the honeymoon-but adam won't wake up for a few more hours!). 

we stayed at the San Antonio Suites which adam claims the pictures don't do the place any justice. everything was perfect here. the front desk, the excursions, the spa, the people that worked there and event the other guests! if you ever have a chance to visit santorini and splurge at this hotel. do it! the place is still in a secluded area and not around any of the other tourist hotels. it was great!

update more later. i'm in venice now. the weather isn't cooperating with us and there are a ton of people here!


Anonymous said...

i was going to say, why are you updating your blog? you're on your honeymoon!! enjoy your time. can't wait to see venice pictures.

sayaka said...

adam sleeps a long time and i wake up a few hours before him and stay up for a few hours after him. boredom i guess.

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