stop four on our honeymoon was the lovely florence. i wish we could of had one more day in each of the cities. cramming so much into a one full day and one half day was pretty exhausting. cramming three museums with historic renaissance paintings in a day? crazy!

i don't remember what the pasta was but it was sooooo delicious!
the church where i saw the cast of jersey shore. i had to explain to english people who they were. haha


remember giotto's gates?
everything in europe is smaller including ups delivery.
florence is known for their gelato's and we took advantage of it.

i hope we come back and have a little bit more time to enjoy the city.


Anonymous said...

that pasta does look really yummy. did you see any fedex there? haha.
i'm sure you'll get to go there again.

sayaka said...

no fedex. sorry.

sayaka said...

also, try and not go during high-season. awful. sooooo crowded.

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