reading on the plane

i realized i need some books for our trip but i always overpack... what to do?

 sometimes i want an ipad because my computer is so heavy.. i primarily want it to watch movies and read books. i still can't figure out that handbrake thing though..
do you have any good read recommendations?


Anonymous said...

i'd get the iPad. we actually were discussing this last night. his 17" MacPro made our camera bag soo much heavier and it's a pain to have it in the plane (coz it's so big). so, he wanted a MacBook air or an iPad to travel (not that we travel to often, but just a thought). on our way from Dallas to Greenville we saw bunch of the first class peps with iPad. and lots of parents have it too. last night on our way back, (which turned out to be our worse travel experience, so far) we sat in front of a young couple with a baby about 1yr maybe. the baby just learned how to walk and talk (ie, kicked the hell out of my seat, mumbled loudly). anyway, the dad was playing some game on his iPad while the mom was fussing with the baby the whole entire flight from Dallas. I'm not kidding!

sayaka said...

haha. that dad is an asshole. they should of used the ipad to distract the kid!

on our flight back this kid kept on crying for most of the flight. the parents didn't look like they really cared. the people said that the baby cried like a baby but looked like a kid. it was weird.

i hope we have good kids when we have them.. you know i'll be the asshole with the ipad and adam will watch the kid.

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