jane eyre

i have a bit of an obsession with classic novels by jane austen, charlotte bronte and the like. i read pride and prejudice about four times last summer. when i found out that jane eyre was going to come out this year, i decided to re-read the novel.

the last time i read jane eyre was in junior high.  i also remember watching the timothy dalton version in the same class and hating it (i'm a wuss and it was too spooky).

anyway, i finished reading the book at 3am on thursday and requested adam to take me to see jane eyre for my birthday. we drove an hour to saginaw to watch it. of course it was not as good as the book but i thought mia wasikowska and michael fassbender were brilliantly cast as jane and rochester.

michael fassbender is a total hottie as rochester. if adam and i get divorced, i'm totally going for a manly old guy. haha. maybe not since i'll be old too! can you believe michael fassbender is our age (born 1977) and dates zoe kravitz?

images from rotten tomatoes

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