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No Smog at the SmogShoppe
This past Saturday I played a wedding at a very cool Venue in Culver City called The Smog Shoppe. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s certainly worth checking out. http://www.smogshoppe.com/ As the namesake suggest, in the 1980’s it was a smog-check center, but now it’s a 100% solar-powered 6,500 square foot venue playing host to some of the hippest weddings and events around town.
I performed with my Alternative Trio which consist of  Classical Guitar( Me), Cello ( Glenn Grab), and Violin ( Emily Moore). The music that was chosen for the ceremony was really quite unique, and arranged for my trio (which you can hear performing other music on my website www.ryanowenmusic.com ) by me.
Recessional Groom-Composer- Enrique Granados, Danza Espangnola No. 2 “ Oriental”
Recessional Bride-Composer- Yann Tiersen, Valse ‘d Amelie ( from the movie Amelie)
These are two beautiful choices for anyone looking to do something a little different, and were a lot of fun to perform. I think that when the bride, and groom get involved with music choices (which they did) it becomes a reflection of each individuals personality and in turn makes it a much more personal event.

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