i've been gearing up for satc 2 (aiden) for awhile by re-watching satc dvds. i didn't like the first one but critics are saying that the first movie was good but this second one is not as good... if critics like the first movie, will i hate the new movie?

adam has also been reading some reviews and is curious about watching it. i think i will try to see it by myself... i'm scared!

have you seen it?

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Anonymous said...

yea, had a double date with angela & david. kinda. the boys went to see robin hood. we purposely didn't read any of the critics. i expected to be really bad from watching the preview. but i don't think it was that bad. angela thinks they're setting up for a third. i was hopping this was gonna be their last one.

sayaka said...

i think i'm going to hate it..

sayaka said...

i did it. i couldn't stand the plastic surgery foreheads! but i want a black diamond. don't care it it's fake.

Anonymous said...

haha... black diamond is pretty cool.
so you think they're setting up for the third one? you know.. "just us two" Angela thinks the next one she's going to be pregnant.

sayaka said...

um.. i think that would be a bad idea.. samantha is 52, making the others 45ish acting like they are still in their twenties.

that scene where they wore their heels in the desert? how dumb are you? ha.

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