weeked roadtrip

initially, we wanted to do a weekend in traverse city in northern michigan. i guess this is the best time of the year to check out the foliage. the rainy weather made us change our plans. we decided to go to troy, michigan near detroit for a shopping excursion. oh happy day.
first stop is 7eleven for some coffee.we arrive in troy, michigan a little over two hours (can you imagine two hours to a major mall?)

after six hours of shopping and running into a fellow cmu professor we decide to have dinner in troy. we stop at alibi's for a pizza. apparently, this place was on oprah for something? the wait is about 20minutes so we hang out at the bar. the people next to us ordered a vegetarian looking pizza and looks so good. i know what i am getting.
it was soo good. plus we ordered the alibi's famous greek salad. it really was a great after shopping trip..

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Anonymous said...

two hours to a major mall? that's 4 hours round trip. that's like la to san diego and back. wow!

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