Papa's Pumpkin Patch

"i want to go to the pumpkin patch"- Adam

we decided to visit the pumpkin patch today

i think that is a pumpkin/cinnamon and chocolate donut. they were just made (still warm).

btw thanks for the text about adam sandler.. i was awake but not sure why i didn't hear my phone. i get a dose of hollywood through you. no celebrities here in mount pleasant.


Anonymous said...

love the pumpkin patch!

about Adam S. i thought of taking his picture for you, but he was with his kids... i didn't think it was appropriate. i saw someone else, he wasn't that famous, he's a comedian but i don't know his name and i can't think of what show he was on. gosh, i'm terrible at this.

Anonymous said...

btw. love the pix of you on the log. :)

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