we received a letter from our landlady. here is an excerpt:

It is just about time for our little friends to begin trying to find winter homes. But we don't need any new roommates!! Best advice in the world: CLOSE DOORS QUICKLY as you come and go from your homes. And don't have a window open without a screen over the opening. With these two precautions observed, it's very unlikely that you will have any trouble. Bats are most evident at dusk and at dawn. They've got lots of important work to do outside; so, help them stay there!!
When i read the letter, i seriously thought it was a joke. I hope (praying) i never see a bat. Although Adam already had a bat experience. A bat (everyone thought it was a bird) came into the engineering building and flew around for awhile. Not sure how they got it out.. scary stuff.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! i hope you'll never see one! i'll pray for it.

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