have you ever read the blog orangette before? i've been reading molly wizenburg's blog for  several years now.  the blog is so lovely, i wish could write as beautifully as her.  very heartwarming posts.

i recently picked up her book called a homemade life. when adam came home, he noticed the book on the living room table and questioned me about it, "where did you get that from?"

i told him i picked it up just because. he thought i was playing some sort of trick on him because he went to grade school with her.  i knew she was from oklahoma but how do you remember first and last names of people you went to elementary school with? he says his school was very small.
another example was Jonah Lehrer. we were kind of obsessed with his books a few summer's ago and ben told us that they were all in the same class at columbia.

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Anonymous said...

wow, what a small world. i can barely remember people i went to college with. haha.. i think that's just me.

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