hot weather

okay, so it is really hot in mount pleasant right now. we took a walk to the post office and i thought i was going to pass out. adam said maybe i've acclimated to the michigan weather.. i definitely prefer the cooler weather, doesn't any normal person?  i just wish i could enjoy it because hot weather is so brief here. the mid-west and east-coasts are suffering from a heat-wave right now(90 is way better than 102 in okc).

we went to sleep with all the windows open so when it started pouring at 2:45am this morning, we got up to close all the windows. we both woke up with headaches. any tips for staying cool? we live in an old house with no air-conditioning. i'm thinking of getting a second fan? is that excessive?
image from the nyt. i think i should make these pops...

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